Our staff are individuals with expertise and years of experience in the field of monitoring,electronic monitoring and the high rate of effectiveness in difficult cases which therefore ranks us as one of the best investigation companies in Greece.

Our professionalism, discretion,trust and direct service 24 hours a day will guarantee to solve all your cases.

Our prime priority is our expertness in child-adolescent issues and our capacity to deal with cases concerning the use of drugs,sexual harassment,school violence, domestic violence and bullying.

Our main concern is our professional secrecy in every contact with the client and the place he/she wishes to meet.


Corporate and Professional Research

  • Planning Protection Companies
  • Foodstuff falsification
  • Controlling Staff
  • Finding Debtors

Court Cases

  • Collecting evidence
  • Inheritance
  • Court investigation cases
  • Detecting witnesses

Solving Crime Cases

  • Abductions
  • Fraud
  • Disappearance of people

Private Investigation

  • Love Affair Cases
  • Family Cases

Advanced Technology

  • Detecting cellular phones
  • Telephone Protection

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